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The movies tell us that we never want to cross the FBI or CIA. However, there's one federal agency that's more fearsome than any of its counterparts: the IRS. When the FBI fails to put organized crime bosses like Al Capone behind bars, the IRS takes over. Everyone has to file taxes. Sometimes, they make mistakes. When that happens, the IRS will pursue you relentlessly. However, there is hope for relief. Choose the Stutz Law Office if you need representation from a trusted IRS tax attorney. The firm's team of IRS tax lawyers can help clients repay their back taxes for pennies on the dollar and resolve other disputes. With a decade of combined experience, the attorneys of the Stutz Law Office are ready to help clients in the Sacramento County, CA area resolve their tax issues.

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How Can an IRS Tax Attorney Help Me?

Don't struggle against the IRS alone. The a Sacramento tax attorney at the Stutz Law Office can help you if you need to settle years' worth of back taxes, but don't have the money to do so and provide skilled representation against an IRS audit.

Common Solutions to Some IRS Problems

Often, someone owes money to the IRS and doesn't even know it. However, ignorance is no excuse. Because of this factor, even the most well-intentioned, honest taxpayer may find themselves on the IRS's bad side. Luckily, you can fix these situations through a number of legal avenues.

  • Negotiating payments - An Sacramento tax attorney can help you negotiate lower payments on your back taxes. This approach is called an "offer in compromise." Essentially, you and your attorney will negotiate with the IRS for you to pay less than you actually owe. Using this technique, you may be able to pay off your back taxes for pennies on the dollar. Factors like your income, your total amount owed to the IRS, and other variables can affect whether you are eligible for an offer in compromise.
  • Abatement - Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. If you owe fees for missing a deadline or paying an incorrect amount on your taxes and it's your first offense, the IRS is often understanding. The IRS offers a service called tax penalty abatement that forgives first-time offenders' fees.

Both of these options are valid approaches to paying your back taxes. However, an audit is a different animal. If you're facing an IRS audit, you'll need professional representation.

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Work With a Sacramento Tax Attorney at Stutz Law Office

The IRS keeps meticulous records and during an audit, they'll review between the last three and six years of your financial life for any discrepancies between their ledgers and yours. If they find any, they may slap you with serious fines. In some cases, you may end up in jail.

If you're in the crosshairs of an IRS audit, choose the Stutz Law Office. The firm's staff has years of experience in tax law. Attorney Matthew Decaminada has handled business and financial law cases working in the bankruptcy department at a multi-state firm. Attorney Decaminada offers his clients in the Sacramento County, CA area robust and dynamic representation during the audit process and will fight tirelessly for their interests.

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