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Divorce is a difficult and emotional process by itself. Military divorces are just like regular divorces, but more so. However, there are some differences between a military divorce and a civilian one from a legal standpoint. If you are a member of the military who is involved in divorce proceedings, you need to know how this affects your case. Luckily, there's a family law firm in the Placer County, CA area that caters to military service members. Choose the lawyers at the Stutz Law Office to help you settle your military divorce. Founded in 2019, the attorneys of the Stutz Law Office focus on helping military families settle their divorces. 

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Importance Of Consulting With A Military Divorce Attorney

Most marriages in America today last about 11 years. However, that's not the same for military couples. In fact, military couples have a higher divorce rate in general than civilian couples. Some factors that contribute to this number include variables like:

Constant moving from base to base.

  • Long deployments
  • Communication issues
  • Infidelity
  • PTSD

Regardless of why military couples decide to get divorced in the first place, there are some significant differences in the separation process. If you're a member of the military or a military spouse and you have questions about the divorce process, choose the lawyers at the Stutz Law Office. The firm has years of experience practicing family and divorce and its attorneys offer free consultations for military members.

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While divorce is rarely simple, there are some issues that take on an extra level of complexity when one spouse serves in the military. Some of these variables include:

  • Schedule - Scheduling a divorce can be difficult. If your spouse serves you with divorce papers while you're deployed, it's obviously impossible for you to answer them. Because of this, federal law allows you to file motions to extend your divorce case until you return to the US.
  • Child custody - This can become difficult when one member is an active duty military member. In some joint custody scenarios, a former spouse can take care of a child when their other parent is deployed. However, an active-duty service member can also designate another family member to provide care for the child, like the child's grandparents. Additionally, the law requires both parents to agree on an alternative guardian if they are both active-duty service members.
  • Division of property - If you receive a military pension, the court cannot force you to split your benefits in your divorce. All other division of property works the same as in a civilian divorce.

For a military family, these laws play a crucial role in how to move on post-divorce. Don't try to understand them alone.

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