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Divorces in California can spend years languishing in the state court system. However, they don't have to. California state law includes provisions for divorce mediation to help streamline the separation process. Divorce mediation involves both parties attending a meeting with a counselor to hash out their main points of contention in a divorce case. Additionally, both parties may hire a lawyer to help them navigate their divorce mediation. 

If you need a family law firm to represent you during the mediation process, choose the attorneys at the Stutz Law Office. With a combined decade of experience, the lawyers of the Stutz Law Office offer representation to clients in the Sacramento County, CA area and beyond. Call a trusted Sacramento mediation lawyer today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case.

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Why Seek Out A Sacramento Mediation Lawyer?

Regardless of whether you're on the verge of a heavily contested divorce or you and your spouse want to amicably split, mediation is a good first step. It allows both spouses to air grievances and identify areas of importance in their divorce. Additionally, judges look favorably on spouses that have already attended mediation before taking their divorce to court.

Mediation in Sacramento offers a few specific benefits over taking your case straight to court. They include:

  • Cost - Mediation is usually significantly cheaper than taking your divorce to court.
  • Low-impact - Instead of having to deal with court procedures and judges, a single attorney will act as your mediator. This will allow you and your spouse to negotiate with each other directly without the eyes of a courtroom watching your every move.
  • Child Matters - The California law requires that both parents attend a mediation session with a mediator before it will issue a ruling on any child custody matters.
  • Time - A mediation can resolve a divorce in a little as one meeting. Often, divorces that go to court in California can take years to resolve.

Each party has the right to hire a lawyer for a mediation. If you think mediation may be helpful to your divorce, choose the attorneys of the Stutz Law Office to help. Attorney Stutz has a long background working in family law. He can leverage that experience to represent you during a mediation hearing.

Choose A Reputable Firm For Family Law Mediation in California

Divorce mediations have a specific procedure they need to follow. It all starts with an introductory meeting. During this step, both parties meet with their mediator for the first time. They'll each identify their primary goals to the mediator and outline their main points of contention. If you chose an attorney to represent you, they can also attend your meeting. 

During your introductory meeting, you and your spouse can discuss factors like:

By discussing these factors out of court, you and your spouse can save significant time, money and headache. If your Sacramento mediation is successful, you can resolve your divorce without going to court. If not, attending a mediation will demonstrate to the court that you tried to resolve your issues without clogging up the legal system. By choosing the attorneys at the Stutz Law Office to represent you in mediation, you'll have a leg up in the divorce process. 

 If you are going through a divorce and considering mediation, get the representation you need. Contact us now for assistance from a mediation lawyer in Sacramento.


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